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As you can see, we have a brand new layout made by the talented DestinySolo. She made it especially for us a couple of weeks ago, but we’ve been waiting for Christmas to put it online as a special gift for all of you. I hope you like it as much as I do. :tongue:My lovely friends Annie and Janine helped me with the coding. I’ve added two HQs of Ewan’s trip to Malawi thanks to Georginita.Last but not least, we’re Site of the Month at Amber Tamblyn Online. Thanks Anya!

Ewan and Charley

New photoshoot added. Taken on February 13, 2004 in Wales. Unfortunately there’s only one picture but I love it! 😉


Wishing you the best at the holidays and always.Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Good Kwanzaa!!!

“Stay” captures and stills

Guess what?! I’ve managed to get a promotional DVD of “Stay” this Thursday. As I had already seen it last October, I’ve kept myself busy making 482 screen captures for our viewing pleasure. :tongue:Please have in mind that screen captures may contain huge spoilers if you haven’t seen this film before but intend to, especially because it’s a thriller! :wink:PS: The US DVD release of “Stay” is scheduled for February 14, 2006. EDIT: I’ve also added 11 new stills.

Media section

All questions, doubts, suggestions, etc, concerning the media section should be sent to Mary – mary (at) ewanmcgregor (dot) net – not to myself. She’s the one installing the new script. Please have in mind that she’s currently in Mexico for the holidays and will only be back and able to answer your emails next month. So please be patient! 🙂

Ewan McGregor Wants World To Unite Against AIDS

Ewan McGregor made a desperate plea on behalf of Africa’s AIDS orphans following a five-day trip to Malawi. The actor, an ambassador for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), urged world leaders and the public to unite to reach the millions of children orphaned by the epidemic.He says, “Children in Malawi are facing uncertain futures. Their mothers and fathers, teachers, aunts, uncles, doctors and nurses are simply dying around them because of AIDS. They are left alone, forced to grow up too fast, robbed of their childhoods and missing out on the play, love and education they need. Though many are being reached through the UNICEF projects I saw during my trip, we need to urgently reach the ones who are still all alone.”UNICEF is calling on everyone – world leaders, governments, corporations and the general public – to unite in action against AIDS and put children at the center of the global response.” Source: Starpulse.comPictures from Ewan’s trip to Malawi can be found here.


This is a bit off-topic, but there’s a brand new interview with Charley at 😉

Launch of the race to Dakar in London 2

I added some new pictures from the launch of the race to Dakar to the gallery:


MATCH POINT co-stars SCARLETT JOHANSSON and JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS found they had an odd thing in common on the set of the new WOODY ALLEN film – they’ve both suffered for their art kissing EWAN McGREGOR.The Irish actor locked lips with the Scottish hunk on the set of VELVET GOLDMINE and Johansson shared a passionate kiss with him in THE ISLAND – and both admit smooching with McGregor can be a rough job.Johansson reveals, “I didn’t think kissing Ewan was that bad but he did have to shave in the middle of the scene. He’d shave that morning and that afternoon and three minutes before the scene… That man has some relentless beard on him.”Rhys Meyers agrees: “It was really appalling kissing him in Velvet Goldmine because I got a serious stubble rash from Ewan… and he smokes like a trooper, so it was pretty disgusting.”The Irishman admits he had much more fun smooching with pretty Johansson, adding, “Scarlett’s got a very soft, sweet, fleshy mouth and it was much better.” But the BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM star wasn’t always the most tender kisser, according to his co-star: “In the middle of one scene I looked at him and said, `Do you taste blood by any chance?’ and I looked down and Jonathan had split my lip with his tooth.”He sent flowers the next day as an apology which was very sweet.” Source: contactmusic.comIt sounds like gossip to me… Nothing but lies… I doubt they “suffered” from kissing Ewan. And if they did, that would be too unpolite to tell. I’m sure it was taken out of context. After all, it isn’t the first time that does that kind of thing.

McGregor sees Malawi ‘Aids’ parliament

McGregor sees Malawi ‘Aids’ parliamentThanks Leanne for the heads-up. :wink:Click here to read the article.

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