Ewan McGregor buys Sophie Choudhry’s London house

Reagan Gavin Rasquinha7 Aug, 2006 VJ-actor Sophie Choudhry has given up London for Mumbai, as the sale of her family home in London proves it.And, the person who bought her house is none other than British actor Ewan McGregor (of Trainspotting and Moulin Rouge fame, to name a few).So how does Sophie feel about selling her house? “I am extremely serious about living in Mumbai, and that’s why I sold the old place. It was pretty emotional for me, pack- up a house that had 20 years of memories in it.The sale was a really private issue and it was done through the agents, of course. I’m really pleased that Ewan liked my home.”And what was it that made Ewan choose this place? “The house has got five large bedrooms, a big garden and is in Hampstead which is ten minutes away from Central London. It’s pretty big,” she says.So did she get to meet Ewan? “Generally abroad, when people buy property, it’s done through agents. I didn’t get to meet him, I just went there to pack my things up. In fact, the caretaker of my house got to meet him!” she laughs.Source: www.timesofindia.indiatimes.comThanks to Roberta for the link!