LWR at the Nissan Film Festival 2006

Welcome to the UK’s first and only digitally projected nationwide Adventure Film Festival.Running from Sept 11th to 23rd 2006, the Adventure Film Festival will bring adventure to the mainstream by screening award-winning adventure films from the world’s top adventure film producers on the big screen at 54 Vue cinemas around the UK. With this national cinema network coverage, high quality digital projection and big screen action the festival aims to inspire the adventurer in everyone.Your local Vue cinema will be hosting one of two different festival programmes. 18 cinemas across the UK will be screening the full 5-night festival programme: Endurance, Storm Force, Ocean, High Altitude & On the Edge Adventures. 36 Vue cinemas will be hosting a one night event – Ultimate Adventures (For further details please select your local cinema.)Endurance Adventure night – documenting adventure travel with a twist including the world’s toughest endurance races and round-the-world adventure journeys from the producers of ‘Long way Round’; the Storm Force Adventure night – with top rating programming from National Geographic Channel such as ‘Tornado Intercept’; Ocean Adventure night – groundbreaking footage from free-diving with sharks to surfing the world’s largest waves; High-Altitude Adventure night – the world’s top exponents of skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering and base-jumping take us on a high-action adventure from the peaks of the world’s highest mountains; and On-the-edge Adventure night – adventure from the world’s most remote and dangerous corners with jungle exploration in the unmapped interior of Papua New Guinea to the world’s greatest free-climbers scaling dizzying heights. Ultimate Adventures – This night features a selection of highlights from the films screened in the 5-day programme; taking you around the world on an ultimate adventure. Source: www.adventurefest.co.uk