Jude Law vs. Ewan McGregor

Battle of the Thinking Woman’s U.K. Fantasy FodderWe may not want to see even an ad for All The King’s Men, much less sit through the full length of what critics are apparently united in loathing, but we will say this for it: at least now we know that, when Chris Rock made that extremely (at the time) accurate observation at the Oscars about Jude Law starring in every movie, Sean Penn felt compelled to defend (in the most humourless way possible) not just a fellow actor, but a co-star. So now it kind of looks more like a big-brotherly move on Penn’s part, rather than just another opportunity for Penn to demonstrate, by his own example, how the rest of us should live, like, Sean, dude, maybe you should focus less on award-show one-liners that you feel disparage your friends and more on picking material people would rather watch than a neighbour’s colonoscopy.Source: www.fametracker.com