Ewan McGregor: Scenes Of A Sexual Nature

26 October, 2006Sex and love. Some seek it, some need it, some spurn it and some pay for it, but we’re all involved in it. However, the only thing that truly connects us is our attempt to connect.On a sunny afternoon in August, temperatures soar between seven couples as they explore love, sex and relationships on London’s Hampstead Heath. Whether it be a divorcing couple discussing how they ever got together, a gay couple grappling with the very notion that they are now allowed to adopt or an old couple who realise they were once in love forty years ago, the film confronts our assumptions at every turn.With a stellar British cast including Ewan McGregor (who plays gay!), Catherine Tate and Sophie Okonedo, Scenes of a Sexual Nature is a comedic and sexually charged look at what makes us tick.We caught up with the lovely Ewan during a hectic round of press interviews to find out more about the film, his character, queer adoption and how he approached playing a gay man! Tell us about you role in Scenes of a Sexual Nature.I play Billy. There’s something quite free about him. He’s got a brilliant partner and they have this great relationship. He goes off with other guys and has nights out with them and that’s in the make-up of their relationship. Brian, his partner is sensible and bookish, while Billy is more of a fun-loving kind of guy.I think he’s a very lucky guy and yet there’s this one nagging thing in his life: he thinks he wants to have children and he believes that it’s a possibility.Source: www.rainbownetwork.com

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