Soundview Avenue

Ewan McGregor and Charley Booreman from “Long Way Round” with Sean and Colin‘I hope our trip around the world will inspire others to do something different with their lives’Ewan McGregorThe above quote was made on the successful TV series “Long Way Round” starring Ewan McGregor and his actor friend Charley Booreman when they toured around the world in their motorbikes.This greatly inspired “Soundview Avenue” a Glasgow based still unsigned music group formerly called FREEFALL to conceive a unique idea of touring the world in a bus to benefit 3 children’s charities, The Rainbow Trust, Scottish International Relief and Peace. The 4 months musical tour spanning 14 countries is planned and will be filmed as a exciting new TV documentary.”It is exciting that this band is following in the Long Way Round tyre tracks and I wish you the best of luck for the trip.” Ewan McGregorSource: