Oscar File: Ewan McGregor And His Mustache Steal Show In ‘Miss Potter’

by Josh Horowitz”Miss Potter” is not Ewan McGregor’s film, and that’s just fine with him. Check out the poster, and all you’ll see is Ren?e Zellweger’s smiling face, but it is McGregor, the sometime Jedi/crooner, who nearly steals the show as her shy and awkward love interest.The movie, which opens in limited release December 29 (just in time for Oscar consideration), fits into the “Finding Neverland” mold. Zellweger plays famed author Beatrix Potter, the woman who brought “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” to life. McGregor took some time to talk to MTV about his latest flick, whether he worries about schmaltz and his plans to get naked again.MTV: That’s some facial hair you sport in this. Was the mustache real or not?Ewan McGregor: Real. [Director Chris Noonan] sent me a photograph of the real Norman Warne, and he had the most extraordinarily long mustache you’ve ever seen. Years and years must have gone into this mustache. I had time, so I grew mine for two or three months.Source: mtv.com/moviesThanks to Kimmy for the link!