Ewan McGregor, ever versatile, stars in Woody Allen’s latest London-set flick

TORONTO (CP) ? Ewan McGregor has had an array of vastly different roles throughout his acting career, among them a strung-out junkie, a brave Jedi knight, a lovesick playwright with an impressive singing voice and a suave JFK-era playboy.The next onscreen persona for the versatile Scottish actor is in Woody Allen’s latest film, “Cassandra’s Dream,” in which he plays a struggling Londoner so eager for a well-heeled life that he agrees to kill off a wealthy uncle’s business nemesis in order for the big pay-off that will secure his future.McGregor’s enthusiasm for the movie and his self-serving character, Ian, was infectious as he discussed “Cassandra’s Dream” on Tuesday at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film goes into mainstream release on Nov. 30.”He doesn’t really know what he’s doing, Ian – he doesn’t really know where he’s going but he can just sense that around the corner is a better life,” the 36-year-old McGregor said as he leaned forward intently in his chair.Source: canadianpress.google.com