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By Andy Downes02 October 2007 14:01Long Way Down covers every aspect of Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman’s latest adventure in intricate detail. From the moment they realised they were going to do another trip just months after returning from Long Way Round, to the preparations for the trip through Africa and even the moment McGregor crashed in London and broke his leg weeks before they were due to leave.In tomorrow’s MCN we’ve got six pages of exclusive extracts from the latest adventure as well as access to masses of stunning images from the trip.Here is a brief glimpse of what you can read: “ McGregor said: “Much as I was excited about getting to Africa there was a part of me that was sorry to be saying goodbye to Italy. It was vibrant and vital and the further south we got, the more I’d fallen in love with it. We’d arrived at the hotel in Sicily in plenty of time to chill out, and Charley and I had taken some time out by the pool discussing yet another bike trip. Later David hired a boat to take us across the bay so I could buy some underpants that didn’t pinch my bum when I was riding.I was drinking coffee as thick as treacle, and when I mentioned as much it sparked a discussion about the relative merits of treacle and golden syrup; neither of which Jimmy Simak had ever come across. Charley and I took a dip in the Med which was much colder than it looked: the only thing that kept my heart going was the amount of really thick coffee I’d been drinking.It turned out to be a great last day in Europe and in the morning we rode the bikes down to the port at Trapani. The ship was tied off alongside the dock and we were able to ride right up to it. The roll-on roll-off doors were open, inviting almost, but there didn’t seem to be anyone about.We were first in the queue; not that many people appeared to be taking this particular boat today. Everything felt very quiet. I don’t know what I’d been expecting but it hadn’t been this. It was calm and tranquil and I suppose we had arrived pretty early but everyone seemed chilled and when the immigration and customs officials showed up Russ had all the relevant paperwork ready. It was the first time we’d needed to produce carnets for the vehicles and the lists of equipment we were carrying. A little while later our tickets were torn and we were riding up the ramp. Suddenly my heart beat faster. Africa was just a boat ride away.”Source: