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elcome to EwanMcGregor.net, the ultimate source for the Scottish actor Ewan McGregor. You may know him from movies like Trainspotting, Moulin Rouge!, Star Wars, The Impossible, Beginners, The Ghost Writer, among many others. Next, you can see Ewan next on Doctor Sleep and upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi Series.
Posted by Annie on December 06, 2007

The pulling power of a Hollywood A-list star and the timeless charm of Shakespeare have combined to make Othello, which opened last night at the Donmar Warehouse, the most desirable ticket in town.The appearance of Ewan McGregor as Iago alongside fellow film actor Chiwetel Ejiofor has created a demand for tickets in the West End usually associated with rock concerts.Tickets that should cost a maximum of £29 have fetched £800 on the internet auction site eBay but some people are offering them for up to £2,000. The potential for profit is so high that the Donmar has intervened with a warning that any ticket sold on for profit will be invalid.Staff are monitoring ticket exchanges and have sent written warnings to sellers reminding them of the terms printed on the back of the ticket. Clause 11 states that “tickets may not be resold or transferred for profit” and that “to do so will render tickets void and the holder will be refused entry”. A spokeswoman for the theatre told The Times that it would be enforcing the policy when it had gathered evidence that a ticket had been resold. “Any ticket that we discover we will make void,” she said. “They will be turned away. We have contacted people who are in possession of the tickets and we hope that they’ve got the decency not to sell them on.”Source: www.timesonline.co.uk

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