Ewan @ Sundance #1

Ewan is currently in Park City for the Sundance Film Festival so expect many piccies in the next few days! 😉

2x 2009 Park City – Village at The Yard – Day 3 – January 18, 2009
25x Ray Ban Visionary Awards Gala For 2009 Honoree Ewan McGregor
3x DirecTV & The Sundance Channel’s 2009 Sundance Party
14x “I Love You Phillip Morris” – 2009 Sundance Premiere
11x “I Love You Phillip Morris” – 2009 Sundance Party
1x 2009 Sundance Film Festival – Black & White Feature

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Also, please be sure to visit my friend Luciana’s excellent fansite dedicated to Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro, one of Ewan’s co-stars in “I Love You Phillip Morris”. 😉