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More pics from Incendiary

I added more pics to the Incediary album… check the gallery for the updates 😉 [b]Edit[/b]: I replaced the old pics for HQs :tongue:

more updates!

I found some old/new pics of Ewan filming “The Tourist” in Spain: I’ve also added more pics to some old albums:

New/old pics

I added more movie stills to our Miss Potter gallery: Ewan filming Young Adam back in 2002: and Ewan doing Solid Geometry: Enjoy! :tongue: :tongue:

New Ewan pics!

I added more pics from 28 March to the gallery and new pics from 29 March :tongue: :tongue: and from People’s star tracks: BANG-UP JOBDon’t worry ? it’s just movie makeup. A faux-battered Michelle Williams and Ewan McGregor get fired up on the London set of their film Incendiary on Friday. The actress plays an unfaithful wife and McGregor is her lover in the romantic drama.

Ewan filming

Here are more pics that were taken today. Enjoy! :tongue: