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London Premiere of “Miss Potter”

Today Ewan and Eve attended the world premiere of “Miss Potter” in London and the after-party! :tongue: There are already lots of HQs in the gallery, so enjoy them for now. I’ll be adding even more piccies tomorrow. 😉

Ewan’s still filming

On Tuesday November 28, Ewan was filming on location in New York. 🙂

Ewan screen caps

Many thanks to Roberta for sending all these great screencaps! :smile:Stormbreaker DVD Screencaptures: Race to Dakar Screencaptures:

Miss Potter updates

I added more pics from the Miss Potter press conference: We also have the two wallpapers: and many thanks to Kimmy for sending screen caps from the trailer:

Ewan @ Miss Potter press conference

On Sunday, November 05, Ewan attended the press conference for ‘Miss Potter at the Waldorf Astoria, NY. :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: