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New ‘Tourist’ pics

November 01, 2006. Ewan filming ‘The Tourist’ on film set, New York. [i]edit:I replaced the old pics for HQ, enjoy![/i]and thanks to Roberta for sending more screencaps:

New Ewan screencaps

Thanks to the amazing Roberta for sharing her screen caps from a new Ewan/AOASN interview. 🙂 and we’ve also added a new Miss Potter still :tongue: Thanks to Roberta and Patty for the heads up!

Ewan and Michelle filming!

October 26, 2006. Ewan and Michelle Williams kissing on a movie set of their movie The Tourist during a night scene in the rain in Chinatown, New York. :tongue: :tongue:

Scarlet and Black

UKTV has a feature on Scarlet and Black. There’s a Ewan quiz and a gallery. You can also watch a couple of videos here.

New fan pics

Thanks to Karolina for sharing her pics from the Stormbreaker UK Premiere. 🙂 You can view the rest of the pics in our fan section.