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Unseen Ewan McGregor Interview!

more filming!

October 19, 2006. Ewan McGregor sighting on the Set of “The Tourist” in Upper Manhattan, New York City. Enjoy! :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

Gallery updates!

We have new stills from Miss Potter: Thanks to Patty for the heads up!more photos from ‘The Global Art Of Mixing’ concert: and a few more of Ewan filming The Tourist:

Ewan attends concert

October 17, 2006. Ewan attended “The Global Art Of Mixing” concert presented by Hennessy Artistry in New York City. EDIT: And I, Mariana, added even more HQs. So sexy! :tongue:

Ewan out and about

On Sunday, October 15, Ewan was taking a walk in the Soho section of New York City listening to his ipod. I’m loving this look :tongue: 😉 :smile:EDIT: And I, Mariana, added 3 HQs. Don’t you think he looks so good in black?! :tongue: