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Asking for your contribution!!!

This is a little off-topic: If there’s any kind fan from Italy who can be nice enough to contact me to see to help me find an Italian mag, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.Thanks girls, but it’s not necessary anymore! The lovely Moon, webmistress of Orlando Bloom Web World, an Italian Orlando fansite, sent me the scans! 🙂

Happy Birthday, Mary!!!

I would like to wish a happy belated birthday to my dear friend Mary! :tongue:

McGregor revs up to cross Africa the long way

McGregor revs up to cross Africa the long way EWAN McGREGOR, the actor turned motorcycling globetrotter, is planning to embark on another epic bike ride, travelling from the northernmost tip of Scotland to the toe of Africa.Read the entire article at the Sunday Times website. 😉


Don’t forget that today is the U.S. release of ROTS on DVD. Go ahead and run to your local store and get your copy.

Ewan fans unite!!!

It has been confirmed to Ewan News that there will be no cast recording from Guys and Dolls; the recording label has pulled its financial backing. However, Ewan fans from all around the world are trying to band together and get the Guys and Dolls CD made. Sony pulled funding for the project, so they’re not sure if they’ll be able to make the CD before Ewan leaves. So, if you can, write letters or send dice (either printed on paper or real dice) to the theatre in the hopes to help them find backers. We want to get as many people to write in as possible.Ewan fan Elyse has written up two generic letters requesting the release of a CD (or DVD) just in case anyone is too busy to write one, or doesn’t want to. She hopes this makes it as easy as possible for everyone to participate in this. There is a picture of dice on each letter, so they are ready to send!!