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Ewan in Jerusalem

According to an Israeli news site, Ewan is currently in Jerusalem with Clara, Esther, Eve and their new adopted daughter.Read the article here.

Site of the Month!

Thanks thanks to Delaila for making us her Site of the Month at Invincible Christina! 🙂

Biker boy without ‘stache

Since we usually don’t post candids, I won’t be adding this pic to the gallery, but I posted it here so that you know that Ewan is still “alive”, doing great, looking good, and enjoying bike stuff. Did he get rid of the moustache?! :wassat:


Happy Easter and Happy Pesach everyone! 🙂

Database errors

I said it before but I think some people didn’t read, please don’t email me at my Ewan account because we’re experiencing database errors and that includes the email account! I don’t know what’s wrong and I don’t know how to fix it, but I’ll try to find a solution. I know we’re having problems with the Forums and if it’s not fixed yet it’s just because I don’t know how! I asked our host and she said she doesn’t know what’s wrong because the change of servers was ok. I’ll try to get a gmail account so that you can keep emailing me and I can keep replying to you. Just don’t email me about the Forums because if I didn’t fix it yet, it’s just because I couldn’t. When I’ll know how, you’ll see it’ll be working again! Thanks.EDIT by Mary: I’ve fixed the forums.