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Ewan in GQ Japan

Ewan is featured in the December issue of GQ Japan and thanks to Annie (for the heads-up) and the LJ community hires_hunk, we have scans from it! 🙂

Ewan on Mean Magazine

Check the gallery for the scans: Thanks to Patty for the scans!

Wohoo! Magazines

Ewan’s on the cover of several magazines this month :tongue: :tongue:Nylon Guys – Winter 2007 (Thanks to Kim for the scans!) Men’s Journal – January 2007 (Thanks to Jen for the scans!) Nox – Summer 2006 (Thanks to Ananula for the scans!) Ewan’s also on the December issue of Professional Photographer (UK) magazine:

Wonderland Scans!

Yes! We’ve added the scans from Wonderland magazine to our gallery. Many thanks to Baby Jefer for sending the scans. :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

Ewan on Wonderland

Ewan’s on the cover of Wonderland’s (UK) current issue. :tongue: :tongue: Thanks to Patty and Roberta for sending the pics! p.s. If anyone has the magazine, we’d love to see the scans! 😉