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Posted by Annie on December 19, 2006

by Josh Horowitz”Miss Potter” is not Ewan McGregor’s film, and that’s just fine with him. Check out the poster, and all you’ll see is Ren?e Zellweger’s smiling face, but it is McGregor, the sometime Jedi/crooner, who nearly steals the show as her shy and awkward love interest.The movie, which opens in limited release December 29 (just in time for Oscar consideration), fits into the “Finding Neverland” mold. Zellweger plays famed author Beatrix Potter, the woman who brought “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” to life. McGregor took some time to talk to MTV about his latest flick, whether he worries about schmaltz and his plans to get naked again.MTV: That’s some facial hair you sport in this. Was the mustache real or not?Ewan McGregor: Real. [Director Chris Noonan] sent me a photograph of the real Norman Warne, and he had the most extraordinarily long mustache you’ve ever seen. Years and years must have gone into this mustache. I had time, so I grew mine for two or three months.Source: mtv.com/moviesThanks to Kimmy for the link!

Posted by Annie on December 12, 2006

Whether he’s playing a drug addict, a hopeless romantic, or even a Jedi Knight, everyone loves Ewan McGregor. Now the Scot is back starring as Beatrix Potter’s love interest, Norman Warne, in Miss Potter.You have worked with Renee Zellwegger in the past. How was it being reunited with her again?Me and Renee had such a fantastic time working on the film ‘Down with Love.’ It was a very specific kind of 1960s sex film comedy and I think I can speak for both of us, we love the film.Although making it was very hard work. Sometimes if the timing wasn’t exactly right on the dialogue then the scenes would fall flat on their face.We would look at each other and think: ‘God, I just wish we could be doing something straight forward.’So was this more straight forward?Yeah, It’s such a straight forward but beautiful story. To be sent this script from Renee was hugely flattering and absolutely what we were talking about.It was wonderful to work with Renee, she’s a beautiful and brilliant actress.She has a beautiful sense of play when we work together, which is not always the case with other people I meet.Source: www.itv.comThanks to Roberta for sending the link! 🙂

Posted by Annie on December 12, 2006

The National Library for the Blind in the UK has organised a special celebrity Christmas eBay auction. They wrote to a number of celebrities and asked them to donate an item for our auction. The first celebrity to respond was Ewan McGregor, who sent a signed Obi-Wan Kenobi action figure from Star Wars episode 2 and a signed photograph of himself. The NLB is currently trying to raise £25,000 for their Christmas fundraising appeal, which may seem a lot, but when you consider that it costs £1,265 to produce just one Braille book, you’ll understand that it’s a small total.Link to check the auction: www.ebay.co.uk (auction ends on December 18!)National Library for the Blind

Posted by Annie on December 12, 2006

Originally published December 5, 2006Best guy-watching in New York City is over at the Midtown Tennis Club, where Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregor, in their tennis whites, practice. Hugh and Ewan are in New York filming The Tourist, a thriller in which they swing those rackets. Their coach is Stephen Bauer, who has tutored Jim Carrey and others celebs in the fine art of jumping the net.Source: www.baltimoresun.comThanks to Roberta for the link!

Posted by Annie on November 30, 2006

Long Way Round stars Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman have put down their motorbikes for a week or two and embarked on a different kind of journey from their last, this time to raise awareness and funds for children affected by AIDS.The pair are fronting ‘The Missing Face’, an exclusive documentary to be broadcast on World AIDS Day, Friday 1 December, at 8pm on Sky Three. The film, a deeply personal account of Ewan and Charley’s experiences, tells the stories of individual children’s lives in Swaziland and Malawi in communities devastated by AIDS. It highlights the missing faces of children that are so often lost in all the statistics.The hard-hitting, one-off documentary has been produced by Big Earth, makers of Long Way Round, to increase awareness of children affected by AIDS and encourage donations for UNICEF’s current campaign ‘Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS’. The hour-long programme follows Ewan and Charley on their respective journeys to Malawi and Swaziland, two countries struggling with the HIV virus in Southern Africa. They explore how children miss out on their childhoods because of HIV.UNICEF Ambassador Ewan McGregor commented, “HIV is a virus that has left virtually no country untouched and it is children that are paying a particularly high price. The documentary is called the ‘Missing Face’ because in the ocean of statistics about HIV and AIDS, it’s very easy to forget that what we’re talking about are the faces and lives of individual children. Charley and I wanted to go and fill in that missing face and help others go beyond the statistics too.”Source: www.unicef.org.ukThanks to Roberta for the find!