TV and Music Clips Down

Okay…I’ve decided to disable the TV and Music Clips. I am going to transfer them to a new script, and in order to do this, I must disable the links to those pages. I will update when they go back online.

More ROTS extras

Huge thanks to Jen. DVD Featurette: One World, Two Movies DVD Featurette: Two Worlds, One Movie DVD Featurette: We Still Do A Little Bit

Music Clips Down

I don’t know what’s happening with the music clips being down. I am looking into that, please be patient as I re-add them to the downloading script.

Small gallery update

I added yet another HQ from the Supper Club after-party to the gallery (thanks to Anya), as well as a scan from the October issue of GQ that tell us all about the clothing style in “Stay” (thanks to Rafael).

New public appearance: The Supper Club

The Star Wars captures aren’t the only updates we have today. Ewan attended a new event: After-party for the Supper Club at Porchester Hall in London – November 1, 2005. We have 10 HQ pictures of him. He was looking great and happy. UPDATED ON NOV 2: I’ve just added 19 new pictures. Enjoy! 🙂 :tongue: