McGregor sees Malawi ‘Aids’ parliament

McGregor sees Malawi ‘Aids’ parliamentThanks Leanne for the heads-up. :wink:Click here to read the article.

Launch of the race to Dakar in London

Ewan attended a new event today: the launch of the race to Dakar, Senegal, in London. Charley Boorman and the Race to Dakar team unveiled their BMW F650 GS Dakar race bikes at the official team launch today in central London. It’s only a month before Charley and his Race to Dakar team-mates of Simon Pavey and Matt Hall will face the toughest challenge of their lives. The three-rider team will contest the 16-day 2006 Dakar Rally and ride over 8,500 km encompassing some of the most gruelling off-road terrain imaginable. We wish them good luck in this new adventure! PS: I’m still behind with reading and answering my emails, because, like I said before, it hasn’t been working for more than a week. But I’d like to thank everyone who sent me nice emails or Ewan contributions.

Media Section

Hey Guys!!! I’m sooooo sorry that the media section isn’t up yet. I’ve been in finals the last couple of days, but don’t think I’ve forgotten about it. I’ll be completely done with finals on Tuesday. So I’ll work on finishing the media section on Wednesday. The new and improved Media download should be up by Friday. 😉


This will be my last post here at Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t really found the time to update this site during the last couple of months, so I decided to make it official and leave the staff. I know that Mariana and Mary will take perfect care of the site, I have absolutely no worries there. Just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed the year working on this site! Ewan still is one of my favourite actors and I will continue following his career, but my time will be dedicated to my studies and my other sites (shameless plug: & before I’m off, I have somthing for you I’ve been meaning to upload for a while now. Enjoy!- Big Fish DVD captures- Big Fish DVD Making Of captures- Down With Love promo shoot HQs- replaced: Shoot #17 HQs- Shoot #63 HQs- Shoot #64 HQs

Email not working

My Ewan email address is not working, so if you emailed me during the last week, I haven’t read your email. I was able to send emails, but not to receive. I’ll let you know when it’s fixed.

“Scenes of a Sexual Nature” clip on Jonathan Ross

Patsy informed us that she was watching Jonathan Ross and they showed a bit of Ewan’s part in “Scenes of a Sexual Nature”. Unfortunately, it doesn’t air over here! It’s a British show. However, these are exciting news! If you saw the clip too, share your thoughts with us! 🙂

Asking for your contribution!!!

This is a little off-topic: If there’s any kind fan from Italy who can be nice enough to contact me to see to help me find an Italian mag, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.Thanks girls, but it’s not necessary anymore! The lovely Moon, webmistress of Orlando Bloom Web World, an Italian Orlando fansite, sent me the scans! 🙂

Happy Birthday, Mary!!!

I would like to wish a happy belated birthday to my dear friend Mary! :tongue:

“The Island” DVD Caps

I’ve started – only started – capping “The Island”, but I already have 365 caps! It may take a while until I finish the entire film, because Ewan is quite a lot in it and I’ve been very busy lately. But I’ll be adding caps little by little, so stay tuned! I’ve made very detailed caps up until now, but I have to warn you that I won’t be making very detailed caps of the action scenes. They take lots of time to cap and the caps never end up looking that great. So I prefer to concentrate on scenes that will end up as great caps. 😉 EDIT: 210 new caps were added to the gallery this Saturday, November 26th. 😉

“The Island” Making Of Caps

I got my “Island” DVD today, so I made 289 screen captures from the making of for our viewing pleasure. 😉 I did my best while capping the action scenes, but, in case you don’t know, it’s very hard to come up with a “perfect” cap when there’s too much movement. Well, I hope you’ll all enjoy them! 🙂

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