“Tube Tales” Extras

Thanks a lot to the lovely Riikka for capping the extras from the “Tube Tales” DVD especially for us. “Tube Tales” features a segment directed by Ewan himself.

Lots of Obi-Wan!!!

Thanks a lot to my friend Jen for the awesome DVD caps of RoTS. :tongue:

Leaving “Guys And Dolls” UNICEF Reception

He needs to rest! But he still looks hot… When I first saw the thumbnail of that second pic, I really thought he was sleeping! :laughing:

New outtakes of Men’s Journal

Two new outtakes of Men’s Journal. :tongue:

“Guys And Dolls” UNICEF Reception

Ewan attended the “Guys And Dolls” UNICEF Reception at Cocoon Restaurant in London yesterday. He was looking great, dressed entirely in black.

Media Files

I have installed the new script and now I am in the process of transferring everything over. Please be patient as I am doing this as fast as my PC is letting me do it. I will work on it mostly during the Thanksgiving break that I have from school. Expect the new media section to be ready to go by early December.

McGregor revs up to cross Africa the long way

McGregor revs up to cross Africa the long way EWAN McGREGOR, the actor turned motorcycling globetrotter, is planning to embark on another epic bike ride, travelling from the northernmost tip of Scotland to the toe of Africa.Read the entire article at the Sunday Times website. 😉

Photos taken by fans

Yay, I received a new submission to our fan category! Thanks Matt Williams for sharing his pictures from the UK premiere of “The Island” with us! :tongue:

New photoshoot

Do you remember the photos of Ewan from last July’s issue of Men’s Journal? They were new and had never been used in another editorial before. Well, I have excellent news for you: I’ve managed to get the entire set of photos, even the ones that haven’t been used by the magazine. I have one word for you: HOT! :tongue:

TV and Music Clips Down

Okay…I’ve decided to disable the TV and Music Clips. I am going to transfer them to a new script, and in order to do this, I must disable the links to those pages. I will update when they go back online.

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