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elcome to EwanMcGregor.net, the ultimate source for the Scottish actor Ewan McGregor. You may know him from movies like Trainspotting, Moulin Rouge!, Star Wars, The Impossible, Beginners, The Ghost Writer, among many others. Next, you can see Ewan next on Doctor Sleep and upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi Series.
Posted by Annie on December 23, 2005

Guess what?! I’ve managed to get a promotional DVD of “Stay” this Thursday. As I had already seen it last October, I’ve kept myself busy making 482 screen captures for our viewing pleasure. :tongue:Please have in mind that screen captures may contain huge spoilers if you haven’t seen this film before but intend to, especially because it’s a thriller! :wink:PS: The US DVD release of “Stay” is scheduled for February 14, 2006. EDIT: I’ve also added 11 new stills.

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