New staff member

I want to say that we’ll have a new staff member very soon. As most of you may know, Amelie and I founded this site, but it’s been some months that she didn’t have the time to update. She was busy with her studies and her other sites. So she finally left the staff about three weeks ago. All her hard work during the “birth” of this fansite will be always remembered. Last July, my friend Mary who runs lots of other sites too (you should visit them if you haven’t already because they’re very good) joined me. But we both have very busy lives outside the internet. I always try to find the time to make updates and keep this site as updated as possible. I think you all know that. But sometimes I could use a little help. But not just any help. It would to be someone I know and get along with, of course, and who would be, in preference, a major Ewan fan like myself, and who could try to find the time to update the site from time to time like I do. And Mary will obviously keep being part of the staff and working on the media section and making updates like she already does. There’ll be three of us. So that’s it. I’d like you all to give a warm welcome to our new staff member who’ll be introducing herself soon. I hope this site will be an even better source for Ewan fans than it already is and that we will all continue to share our passion for this talented and handsome actor. 🙂

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