New Ewan event

Ewan attended the reopening of the restored Roundhouse theatre in Camden, London, yesterday, with his mom Carol and uncle Denis Lawson. :tongue:We also have a new tomato pic thanks to Kim. 😉 EDITING MY POST: 7 JUNE 2006Two Stars Wars heroes came face to face at a party in London’s theatreland this week. At the re-opening of the legendary Roundhouse Theatre Ewan McGregor met up with his uncle, Bafta-nominated Bleak House actor Denis Lawson, the relative who originally inspired his decision to go into the business.Before Ewan could even lift a light sabre, Denis was busy saving the galaxy from evil as courageous fighter pilot Wedge Antilles in the series’ first three episodes.In case the two warriors were tempted to discuss battle tactics, they were joined by the Hollywood star’s mum Carol, who is Denis’ sister. Also on hand were Sadie Frost – one of Ewan’s former partners in the now defunct production company Natural Nylon – and actress Helen Mirren.Uncle and nephew have always been extremely close, with Ewan speaking on many occasions about his childhood longing to follow in his relative’s glamorous footsteps. “My uncle would appear back from London, where he lived in the Seventies, in sheepskin waistcoats and beads and no shoes,” recalled the 35-year-old Scotsman. “As an actor he had something about him that I liked and wanted to have.”The two performers have even had a chance to work together. In 1999 Denis directed his nephew on the West End stage in the acclaimed black comedy Little Malcolm And His Struggle Against the Eunuchs.Source: Hello

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