Scots telephone voices put the accent on trust

by Gordon ThomsonSCOTS have always known their accent is one to be trusted.So it’s no surprise to learn people would rather discuss money matters over the phone with an adviser who sounds like actor Ewan McGregor than one like rock icon Ozzy Osbourne.Scots accents have come way out on top once again with consumers across the whole of the UK.A survey on behalf of Glasgow’s new Wall Street on the Clyde found that accents really do matter when it comes to financial phone calls.The study found someone with a Scots twang like Ewan or veteran actor Sean Connery is considered more competent too.More than one in five of those questioned rated the Scots accent top.Londoners came second with 17% of votes. And the Scots trounced Geordie, Scouse, Mancunian and even Brummie accents like Ozzy’s. They all came bottom of the pile by each pooling just one vote in 50.Even one of Birmingham’s famous sons Ozzy Osbourne failed to sway the masses when it came to money issues.It could be why Glasgow has such a thriving financial services sector with more than 9000 jobs alone moving into the district in the last five years.”source: Thanks to Roberta for sending the article! 🙂

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