Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Sex and love. Some seek it, some need it, some spurn it and some pay for it, but we�re all involved in it. However, the only thing that truly connects us is our attempt to connect. Whether it be emotional, physical, subliminal or sexual, as human beings we need to make contact with others. But what are the rules? How do we really know whether someone likes us let alone is in love with us? How do we decide whether to connect with another person for a moment indeed a lifetime?The word that gets used most when discussing these issues is love. According to many great thinkers love is an unattainable notion that is driven more by need than reality, according to others it is the only thing that makes the otherwise intolerable idea of life remotely worth attempting. Scenes Of A Sexual Nature is a film that looks at some of our attempts to find it and how we behave in love, in lust and in trouble.Set on one afternoon on Hampstead Heath seven stories are linked by a thirty-something couple as they walk and walk and walk without uttering a word, so much to say to one another and no way of saying it. The film investigates the minutiae of seven couples. Whether it be a divorcing couple discussing how they ever got together, while walking their kid, a gay couple grappling with the very notion that they are now allowed to adopt or an old couple who realise they were once in love forty years ago, the film confronts our assumptions at every turn. It looks at the desperate attempts of a young man to get a young woman into bed, made trickier by the fact she’s just been dumped by her lover, and the case of what happens when a happily married couple are presented with the dilemma of the wife catching her husband staring at a teenage girl’s underwear. We look at the extremes of hope and need set against individual identity through the story of a Blind Date piq-niq where two forty-somethings search awkwardly and desperately for evidence that another person may be enough like them to be a mate and at the case of the man knows it�s all impossible and just prefers to pay for his affection.Scenes Of A Sexual Nature is a comedic and erotically charged look at what makes us tick and it seems that what makes us tick is complex, dark and ludicrously funny. Genre: RomanceUK release date: 27/10/2006Starring: Ewan McGregor, Sophie Okonedo, Catherine TateDirected by: Ed BlumOfficial Website: Click hereThanks to Roberta for the link 🙂