Ewan McGregor grabs The Electric Slide

Ewan McGregor and An Education’s Carey Mulligan are negotiating to lead the cast of The Electric Slide.

The film will tell the true-life tale of LA-based furniture salesman Eddie Dodson.

Seemingly unsatisfied with the lavish parties and celebrity friends that his high-end good shop brought him in the 1980s, Dodson decided that the only real way to impress his new girlfriend was to take a risk – so he robbed a bank.

Turns out he was better at it than he thought, as he ended up on a crime spree, pulling off 72 heists before the FBI tracked him down.

“This is an amazing story,” Kirk D’Amico of the financing company behind the new indie tells The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s just unbelievable the way this guy was able to rob bank after bank and always slipping away just before the FBI got there.”

Tristan Patterson, who adapted the script from a Gear mag article, will also make it his directing debut.

Sources: THR and Total Film

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