New Ewan song!

After much wrangling behind the scenes, the composer Simon Boswell has released a selection of his best film-score music on iTunes, an album called Close Your Eyes. The highlight is a rap by the Scots actor Ewan McGregor, in which he takes the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Sid Vicious and Marc Bolan to task for dying young. The expletive-laden lyrics refer to the line from The Who’s anthemic song “My Generation”: “I hope I die before I get old”. McGregor sings: “F*** Pete Townshend and the song that he sung/I don’t wanna die while I’m still young.” And goes on: “Don’t wanna be Sid Vicious, be a c*** and OD/Or get it on like Marc Bolan, wrap my Mini round a tree/Don’t wanna take a jet and have some terrorist bomb it/Don’t wanna be like Jimi Hendrix and make a meal of my vomit.” Great stuff. Source: www.newstatesman.comYou can find the cd on iTunes. (The song is called Time To Die, by Simon Boswell featuring Ewan McGregor). Thanks to Reene and Roberta for the heads up! :smile:and let me just say Ewan’s song is AMAZING! :tongue:

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