Cassandra’s dream news

According to this scan (kindly provided by Roberta) from French magazine, Studio, Wild Bunch is the co-producer and distributor for Woody Allen’s latest project, ‘Cassandra’s Dream”From Wild Bunch’s site:CASSANDRA’S DREAM : SYNOPSISAlthough with a totally different plot, this is a movie in the same genre as Match Point. It is a crime melodrama; the story of two brothers. It is about lust, romance, and the desire for quick money. It’s also about what happens as the web gets more and more tangled, leading, as it did in Match Point, to murder with surprising consequences.The film takes place in present day London and while the actual tale is far removed from Match Point (the characters and milieu being much more working class and the story line nothing like it) there are, as in the form of a thriller, a number of unexpected plot twists.Source: www.wildbunch.bizThanks to Roberta for the scan and for the info!

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