Ewan pips Sir Sean in poll to find top Scot

EWAN McGREGOR pipped Sir Sean Connery to the post today in a poll to find film fans’ favourite Scottish actors.Trainspotting and Star Wars actor McGregor came first with 18 per cent of votes followed by former Bond legend Connery (17 per cent) in a poll by lovefilm.com, which quizzed more than 2,000 people.Comedian Billy Connolly, who starred in Mrs Brown, The Last Samurai and Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, came third with 13 per cent of votes.James McAvoy, who starred in TV’s Shameless, may be a relative newcomer to the big screen but his turn in The Chronicles of Narnia and his new film, The Last King of Scotland, won him fourth place with 12 per cent of votes.The highest-placed woman was McGregor’s Trainspotting co-star Kelly McDonald, who came in fifth with 10 per cent.Edinburgh-born Sir Sean has long been considered Scotland’s favourite actor, thanks to his role as 007.But in recent years a number of younger Scots have enjoyed success and critical acclaim both in the UK and America.Source: www.news.scotsman.com

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