Ewan McGregor

Whether he’s playing a drug addict, a hopeless romantic, or even a Jedi Knight, everyone loves Ewan McGregor. Now the Scot is back starring as Beatrix Potter’s love interest, Norman Warne, in Miss Potter.You have worked with Renee Zellwegger in the past. How was it being reunited with her again?Me and Renee had such a fantastic time working on the film ‘Down with Love.’ It was a very specific kind of 1960s sex film comedy and I think I can speak for both of us, we love the film.Although making it was very hard work. Sometimes if the timing wasn’t exactly right on the dialogue then the scenes would fall flat on their face.We would look at each other and think: ‘God, I just wish we could be doing something straight forward.’So was this more straight forward?Yeah, It’s such a straight forward but beautiful story. To be sent this script from Renee was hugely flattering and absolutely what we were talking about.It was wonderful to work with Renee, she’s a beautiful and brilliant actress.She has a beautiful sense of play when we work together, which is not always the case with other people I meet.Source: www.itv.comThanks to Roberta for sending the link! 🙂