Ewan McGregor talks about his new erotic thriller Deception

On the set of Deception, Ewan McGregor discusses a role that requires him to make love with five total strangersJames BoneDriving through the main gate at New York’s Steiner Studios feels rather like entering Guantanamo Bay prison camp. A guard checks your identity and raises the security barrier. Ahead lies a vast car-park that was once a parade ground, dotted with newly built hangars. The similarity with Guantanamo is no coincidence. Though just across the river from Manhattan’s famous skyline, the Steiner Studios lie in the old Brooklyn Navy Yard.Deception, Ewan McGregor’s new erotic thriller, is being shot on a sound stage in one of the glass-and-steel hangars, and the Scottish star has a busy schedule ahead of him. Over the next two days, he is to film a montage of sex scenes that requires him to get it on with five different actresses – none of whom he has met before.The director has left the sex scenes until the last two days of the seven-week shoot. McGregor, looking very American in black jeans, a striped jersey, a baseball cap and baseball boots, seems, if not downright nervous, at least preoccupied with the marathon of sex scenes on which he is about to embark.“They’re interesting. I’ve done a lot of them. I try to find something about them that is realistic,” he explains. “There are Hollywood glistening sex scenes, and I’m not very interested in them. I don’t think they’re very interesting to watch… I think sex isn’t like Hollywood sex. It’s very often many things, but it can very often be awkward. In these scenes, they’re strangers, so they can be embarrassing. And things don’t just go off like they do in a Hollywood movie. I think finding those moments that make it real makes for the audience a much more erotic experience, or a much more powerful experience, because you recognise things you do yourself, or things that have happened to you.” Source: entertainment.timesonline.co.uk