Fey Ol’ Time

Jenny McCarthy’s main man, [b]Ewan McGregor[/b] and Rodrigo Santoro sure got down for a dude’s night out in Miami, checking out a Martini Tuesday party at queer lounge Halo. The three amigos are in Ef-Hell-Ay filming I Love You Phillip Morris, about a prisoner who falls in love with his cell mate?this is the state of the romantic comedy, folks, so much for Pretty Woman 2. Jimmy wore jeans and a blue, checkered shirt and was sporting some shorter hair than usual. He arrived with R.S. (in a tee, dark jeans and bright white kicks to boot) and the two celebs set up shop in a corner booth, ordering a bottle of champs that wasn’t popped until E.M. showed up, an hour later. Ewy looked tr?s European in a light black and white sweater, absolutely stunning, cancer scare be damned. All deadly diseases need to stay the ef away from Ewan’s precious face! The party grew to eight, most made up of crew members, and sadly, not us.Source: www.eonline.com