Ewan McGregor discusses “Angels & Demons”

By CHARLENE CHENG, News EditorPublished 7/12/2008THE SKINNY: While promoting Fox Reality Channel’s new documentary series LONG WAY DOWN at this summer’s TCA press tour, Ewan McGregor was able to reveal some details about Ron Howard’s upcoming THE DA VINCI CODE prequel ANGELS & DEMONS that begins shooting again shortly. “I went over to Italy to do a couple days filming on ANGELS AND DEMONS … and I’m about to start my work properly on it over the [next] six or seven weeks here in L.A.,” says McGregor. “I’ve enjoyed working with all of those people.”In ANGELS AND DEMONS, McGregor plays Carlo Ventresca opposite Tom Hanks, who returns as Robert Langdon.”I play the Camerlengo, the Pope’s right-hand man — his assistant,” explains McGregor. And the Pope has died, therefore, [it’s] what happens to the Camerlengo between the time of the Pope’s death and the next Pope. Basically after one Pope dies and before the next one is made Pope, there’s a period of time in there where the Camerlengo is in charge of the Vatican and that’s who I play.”Meanwhile, LONG WAY DOWN, which follows McGregor and close friend Charley Boorman as they travel from Scotland to South Africa on BMW motorcycles, premieres on Fox Reality Channel on August 2 at 9p ET/PT.”I’ve always wanted to ride bikes,” says McGregor who treasured this opportunity. “And I believe traveling on them is very different than traveling in a car. I think when you meet people, first of all there’s a kind of novelty factor in Magnolia or the Highlands of Ethiopia when you rock up on a big old bike. People aren’t used to seeing them. So there’s an interaction with the people, which is quite different.”Source: www.ifmagazine.com