“Angels and Demons” trailer

A new trailer for Tom Hanks’ Angels and Demons, the sequel to The Da Vinci Code, is now online.

Directed by Ron Howard and adapted from a Dan Brown novel, the film sees Hanks reprising his role as professor Robert Langdon.

This time round he’s called in by the Vatican to help unravel the mystery behind a secret society called the Illuminati, who have planted an antimatter bomb under Rome.

Ewan McGregor also stars as Carlo Ventresca, the Camerlengo of the Vatican, while Vittoria Vetra takes over where Audrey Tatou as Langdon’s sexy right-hand woman.

Angels and Demons is released in the UK on May 15.

Watch the Angels and Demons trailer here

3 Comments on ““Angels and Demons” trailer”

  1. Great trailer <3
    I have read the book and I adore it, I hope the movie will be great as the book.
    Carlo Ventresca is a very interesting character!

  2. I too have read the book and I really liked it.
    The film will be even better with Ewan in it…
    Looking forward to May 15th…

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