Da Vinci Code sequel angers Vatican

Ron Howard has admitted having a run in with the Catholic church over his forthcoming Da Vinci Code sequel.

Speaking at a press conference for Angels and Demons, the director said he had been refused permission by the Vatican to film in many of the churches featured in the Dan Brown novel because of the controversy surrounding his 2006 adaptation of The Da Vinci Code.

“[The Vatican] made it clear from the start there would be no co-operation on their part, so we didn’t even bother asking their permission. So we had to apply our own filmic ingenuity, using all the technological advantages that film-makers have at their disposal.

“I feel very confident in saying that we’re able to take the audience on a very realistic and authentic journey behind the walls of the Vatican. But could we bring a film crew in and shoot? No.”

Howard, who recently directed Frost/Nixon, also said he would be keen to adapt future Dan Brown books about Robert Langdon, the chief protagonist in The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons.

He said: “Dan apparently has another Robert Langdon adventure in the pipeline. Working on these stories has been a fascinating experience. There’s clearly an audience for them. I’m going to be reading that story with great curiousity.”

The novel Angels and Demons is actually a prequel to The Da Vinci Code, but Howard’s film adaptation is set after the events of his 2006 movie. The film, which stars Tom Hanks and Ewan McGregor, is released on 15 May.

Source: Magazín Ixtanbul

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