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Ewan McGregor on Conan Show (Videos)

Ewan McGregor on Conan Show (Videos)

On Thursday, Ewan was on Conan Show for an interview to promote Doctor Sleep. Here are videos:

“Doctor Sleep” Star Ewan McGregor Once Lived In A Haunted House

Ewan McGregor On Reprising Obi-Wan & Why Lightsabers Need Hilts

A Fan’s Mom Mistook Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan For Jesus

Ewan McGregor Teaches Conan About Scottish Halloween Traditions

Ewan on Jimmy Kimmel Live (Video + Photos)

Ewan on Jimmy Kimmel Live (Video + Photos)

Last night, Ewan was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he talked Doctor Sleep, being afraid of watching The Shining, Obi-Wan Series and lazy beard. Watch the interview below, plus some photos.

The Graham Norton Show – Video & Stills

The Graham Norton Show – Video & Stills

Ewan McGregor was on The Graham Norton show last week, here’s the video and Stills from the show:

Ewan McGregor on Jimmy Kimmel Live talking about Star Wars

Here’s two clips from last week’s Jimmy Kimmel Live interview where Ewan talks about recording his line for the Star War: The Force Awakens and his new movie “Jane Got A Gun”

Ewan McGregor Is Also Skeptical About That New Star Wars Lightsaber

He was Obi Wan Kenobi, and he’s now playing Jesus in Sundance’s Last Days in the Desert, but Ewan McGregor tells Krista Smith he still got tongue tied when he met Prince Charles.

Have your doubts about that new Star Wars lightsaber? Well you’re not alone. Ewan McGregor, that’s right, Obi Wan Kenobi himself, jokingly says the updated design leaves much to be desired.

McGregor has moved on from his Kenobi days to play another famous robed figure in the sand: Jesus. The actor spoke with Vanity Fair senior west coast editor Krista Smith about his Sundance film Last Days in the Desert which he originally describes as just a story about a father and son. The film covers Jesus’s time in the wilderness before the beginning of his ministry and McGregor plays not only Christ, but Lucifer as well.

But the challenges of playing the Messiah may pale in comparison with the fright McGregor received in 2013 when getting an Order of the British Empire from Prince Charles. In the video above, McGregor goes into great detail about what the ceremony entails, should you ever find yourself in his shoes.