Category: Site (Updates)

New Layout

We have a new layout and I hope you all like it. It was time for a change, don’t you agree? I’d like to say a big thank you to my friend Kat for this lovely new look! She made exactly what I wanted: something that would contrast our previous grey layout! And you gotta love those cute pics I chose! :tongue:

Gallery issues

Hey everyone, I’d like to ask all new visitors who tried to register to the site to be patient. We are experiencing database errors due to a large number of visitors and we’ll try to work on the gallery. But it can take long. For the time being, we had to close all new registrations or things could get worse and nobody would be able to visit the gallery anymore. So the only solution we could find now is to avoid new registrations so that the current users could keep visiting the site. I hope you understand. Please don’t email us about it because there’s nothing that can’t be done at the moment.

Film Four commercial

Thanks to Raraz who uploaded it on and Patty who converted it to wmv, I’ve added the Film Four commercial to our video archives. :wink:Click here.Enjoy Ewan as a sexy tomato! :tongue:EDIT: FIXED!!!!!!! 🙂

Videos back online

Thanks to my good friend Annie for fixing our error with the downloads script. :smile:Mary still has more to add, but be patient because she has an offline life too. :wink:Go to the downloads section.

New look

As you can see, we have a brand new layout made by the talented Natalie. I hope you like it as much as I do. :tongue: