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Ewan’s new bike and photos!

According to an article sent by the lovely Roberta, Ewan’s added another motorbike to his collection. Here’s the excerpt of the article:Guzzi were boosted by news that Ewan McGregor bought the first Griso to arrive at his local dealership. You can read the full article at MCN. Moto Guzzi GrisoI’ve also added a new (old) photoshoot #71, and two more photos to #70 Enjoy! :tongue: :tongue:


Finally after so long I have managed to get some of the videos back online. I am sorry if there are just blank image previews, but that was the last of my concerns now. I will fix that as soon as all videos are online. But for now enjoy the new EM.NET Media Archive.EDIT: I am adding more and more clips. Found a good script that can allow for massive downloads. 😉

“Stay” video interviews

I’ve just added two “Stay” interviews to the temporary videos page. One of them is the BBC interview, you might be familiar with, and the other one was sent in by Elyse. Thanks. 🙂

Forum and Gallery

I will like to tell you all that the script updating went as planned, both the gallery and the forum should be working properly.

Gallery and Forums

Sometime today I will be doing script updates on both the gallery and the forum. So if you can’t access either one, please don’t freak out. It would just be a temporary thing. But it is necessary to update the scripts as some are really outdated, especially the gallery script. So just a heads up. 😉