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more Ewan…

Check the gallery for new pics of Ewan filming his new project, Incendiary. 🙂

Ewan in Paris

Here are pics of Ewan out and about in Paris promoting “Miss Potter” :smile:Get well soon, Ewan! Hello magazine 27 February 2007: Thanks to Roberta for the scan!

Gallery updates

Scans from OK magazine (12 February, 2007) – Thanks to Josan for the scans! Scans from Vanity Fair (Italy) – Thanks to Roberta for the scans! and we have a new photoshoot :tongue: :tongue:

Photo updates

I added more pics to our 2007 Burns Night gallery: More movie stills from Miss Potter: Many thanks to lilmouse for sending a scan from Entertainment Weekly (02 Feb. 2007) with an Inside look at ‘The Tourist”

10 new “Miss Potter” stills